Entry #11


2014-02-18 22:52:52 by remi-su


I hope everyone has started with a good year!  I wanted to comment that my absence is due to my school, and my addiction to twitter. But do not worry, someday be back with some prototype games and continue some sagas.  While I'm not, I suggest you see, follow and comment on some animations of a good friend of mine. It is a fabulous entertainer! A great artist! 

I promise, you will not regret!  Although their animations are not "madness" style, they are very good. Wonderful! (JAFZ3D)

If you love so much the style "madness" this that I will present is very good! Their movements are very fresh, and creativity is unmatched. Definitely one of the best animation I've seen. (Addqd)

Update: 1.0.1 

http://jafz3d.newgrounds.com/ <----- Very Good :D I love their animations, very creative.

http://addqd.newgrounds.com/ <----- Very good artist and animator madness



Good Bye!



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2014-02-19 12:13:22

Hey, what about me D:
xD, just kidding man, and for sure they're really epic :D
Also, keep the good work up!


2015-09-27 10:47:09

so adorable


2017-10-18 01:46:07

You are such a fucking weeb.
(⌐▀͡ ̯ʖ▀) -Me does not approve.